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As a total security package, any desktop security software must completely protect your computer. It must keep it clear of not only viruses, trojans, keyloggers, malware and adware, but it must also protect it from unauthorized access by potential hackers and bots. Here at we understand how important security is for your everyday productivity. That is why not only are we constantly testing new security software, we also track reviews of other authority sites and independent laboratories.

Here are our top three computer virus protection programs that are currently available for you to keep your computer as safe as possible.

The Top 3 Antivirus and Firewall Softwares:

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

Zone Alarm Extreme Security

No other product offers such a complete security package for such a low price as Zonealarm Extreme Security does. rates ZoneAlarm Extreme Security “very good” and has reviewed it as “outstanding”. Included along with the top notch virus & malware scanner you will get a full 2-way firewall, an anti-phishing filter, PC tune-up, anti spam, secure online backup and free credit bureau monitoring to protect against identity theft.

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Webroot Internet Security Essentials

Webroot Security Essentials

Webroot’s Internet Security Essentials includes the award winning #1 Anti-spyware program Spy Sweeper®. It also protects against viruses, hackers and data theft. The automatic backup feature will keep your files safe by backing them up online at automated intervals allowing you to access and share your files with ease.

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NortoNorton 360 version 3.0n 360 Version 3.0

Norton 360 version 3.0 deserves it place in our top 3. The only reason it didn’t score any higher in our review is the fact that it is considerably more pricey than the other two antivirus firewall software seen here. Norton 260 version 3.0 includes an award-winning protection system designed to keep your computer safe and running smoothly. You will also get identity protection, backup and restore, PC tune-up function and 24/7 support by email, chat or phone.

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The Importance of Antivirus Firewall Software

There have been so many cases of unsuspecting Internet users who have become victims of viruses as they browsed various websites or when they opened an email. That is why you cannot surf the net nowadays if you don’t have anti virus and firewall software protection on your computer. But still, there are people who are not yet fully aware about the dangers of computer viruses and the benefits of having antivirus firewall software. The truth is if you are spending a he amount of time on the Internet, it is a must that you install desktop security software on your PC.

But first, you have to be aware about the dangers of a computer virus. A computer virus is a type of software programmed designed by various programmers in order to create chaos, destroy computer files, and steal personal data. The virus simply infects a certain file in your PC and it can be copied and activated over and over again together with the file of the host. Due to its replicating nature, this malicious file is called a computer virus. Like an infectious virus that can cause disease, a computer virus can harm your computer affecting its performance and overall health.

But what are the real motives of these virus programmers? These cyber-thieves inflict viruses as well as malicious software like spyware, worms and Trojans to steal other people’s banking details, passwords and other illegal online actions. For instance, these online thieves are capable of replacing a genuine cookie of an affiliate with their affiliate cookie even before online sales takes place. You may have also heard of email of famous people being hacked by these online thieves. If those famous people can be a victim, then a regular person like you can also be a target of malicious software programs.

That is why anyone who surfs the Internet on a regular basis should install the best antivirus firewall software in order to protect his or her online security. There are various computer virus protection programs in the market right now and you might end up considering more than one type as the best for you. But the one you choose should be depending on your needs. But you have to be aware upfront that an antivirus firewall software program is not 100% effective. Now you are probably wondering why.

Not all antivirus firewall software available on the Internet is capable of totally protecting your computer. But at the end of the day, it is still better to even use outdated antivirus firewall software than not using any at all. The truth is there are new types of virus being created every day. This means that you may still be hit by the latest virus even you use the latest virus signatures known to the antivirus firewall software.

Even if there are no guarantees of complete protection from malicious programs, all computer and Internet users should still use antivirus and firewall software. This can benefit you for a long time.

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